troyesivan: Working really hard with @jackharries
Anonymous whispered: really fuckin obnoxious that you delete peoples urls from the descriptions on their posts. people work hard on those and you're pretty much just taking away the credit and it's totally uneccessary in addition to it being rude

First of all, I am not taking away their credit you can easily go onto the blog and click the “©” symbol  and it will send you to the maker of the post. Secondly, I am a creator myself and I know how it feels to have your ownership taken away and I do not do that to others. I keep the source the same and the description, so I am not taking away the credit.

However, I am sorry you think that me trying to make my blog the way I want to is “really fuckin obnoxious.” 

@JackHarries: Road tripping across the UK

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